A VCS repository manager and File Browser Plug-in overlay
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This Gedit plug-in visualizes the state of the HEAD of your version-controlled repositories right in the File Browser side-panel-plug-in (which comes with Gedit by default). Emblems composited on each file or folder icon show if the item is staged, modified, new, or committed. Various VCS actions are easily accessible via the File Browser's right-click context menu: add, diff, commit, reset. Giterdone also comes with a Repository Manager that allows repository-level visualization and action. Currently, only the git and svn version control systems are supported.
Giterdone requires Gedit version 2.27.5+ (Ubuntu's Karmic) for full functionality, but it can work with 2.27.4 without the File Browser's context menu support.
There is a possibility in the future that Giterdone will be able to work with the Embedded Terminal plug-in to show the user any errors that occur while pushing/commiting/anything. The Embedded Terminal plug-in comes with the gedit-plugins (Ubuntu) package.
This version of giterdone has currently only been tested in Ubuntu Lucid, Jaunty and Karmic.
latest version of Giterdone (zip)
source code of Giterdone (Gitorious)
This shows the emblems overlayed on the file icons and the context menu items.
This shows the Repository Manager side-panel. From here you can perform repository-level actions like committing and fetching.
Commit messages can even be created/edited directly from Gedit. Close the tab to commit the changes.
Diffs can also be viewed in Gedit.
Robert Toscano,
Dec 18, 2011, 10:52 PM
Robert Toscano,
Dec 18, 2011, 6:29 PM